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Santa Cruz Wharf

Santa Cruz Wharf is an amazing place to have fun and learn a lot of new things that you would have never have guessed before or known.

Santa Cruz has a dining center to relax, have a nice dinner, with a nice date, and get to know a lot of people. The dining places you can go to are Dolphin Restaurant, which is a classic little diner, it has been a local favorite spot since 1963. Firefish Grill, it serves out traditional seafood, steaks, and homemade pasta dishes. It has got a fabulous view of the ocean side and will melt your heart of beauty. We are celebrating 30 years on the Santa Cruz Wharf. Gilda's is a family style dining. We serve out breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are a family friendly restaurant, we are open 6:30 a.m. until 9 p.m., open seven days a week. Olita's is a fresh Mexican cuisine, the main thing that is requested is the margaritas, beer, and taco Tuesday and Thursdays.

Do you like shopping? Then this is a perfect opportunity to go out and buy some things! Shops here are- Santa Cruz Bay Company, Bonnie's Gifts, Made in Santa Cruz, Marini's Candies, Noland's, Surf City Santa Cruz, Surf Life, Sockshop Santa Cruz, Pacific Coast Kits, and Woodies Hoodies Gift Shop.

Recreational Sports here is a very fun thing to participate in! You learn new skills, meet new people, win tournaments, and have so much fun! The sports that are provided are Soccer, Bocce, Softball, and Basketball.

There is a Senior Center here where we would love to see your smiling faces doing some of the activities we have available for you to do. We have Senior Cinema, Travel Talks, Exercise Class, Gentle Yoga, Ping Pong Club, Book Club, Garden Club, Line Dancing, Women's Basketball, Group Karaoke, and Computer Center!