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Spanky's is a delicious dining restaurant that serves amazing breakfast and lunch! You will miss out if you do not come here to please your taste buds. Spanky's restaurant is filled with happiness and many surprises.

We love having people come in, order food, sit down, have a good time, and enjoy their food, time, as we enjoy their presents and company. Spanky's is a great place to have brunch or a place to meet up with your best friends, catch up with people you have not seen in a while, and so much more! We love having people here, anyone is welcome whenever just as long as it is during business hours!

Spanky's set up is very fun and exciting! There is a bar you can sit at and wait for your food to be brought out to you, there is a dine in so you can have a little place to eat, and also you can eat outside where it is nice and warm. You can enjoy the birds chirping in the trees, the nice, refreshing smell of outside. It is all beauty being outside eating a fantastic meal.

On our breakfast menu for eggs we have- two eggs any style, bacon and two eggs, two eggs with links or patties, Italian sausage, or chicken apple sausage. Ham and two eggs, hamburger and two eggs, homemade hash browns and two eggs, three eggs scrambled with cheese, three egg omelet with cheese, and an egg crepe. Our main dishes are- chicken fried steak and eggs, chicken cutlet and two eggs, breakfast burrito, potato scramble, hot cakes, hotcakes with blueberries, french toast, french toast sandwich, and Belgian waffles.

For the lunch menu we have- hamburger, cheeseburger, BBQ burger, chili burger, veggie burger, blue burger, onion burger, patty melt, pulled pork sandwich, grilled cheese, BLT, macaroni and cheese or potato soup, green salad, chef salad, homemade soup, and homemade chili.